WordPress Image GeoTagger Allows To Geotag Images Within WordPress

Digital agency, Blackstorm Design and Marketing now has a product that enables client businesses to geotag their images within WordPress. The WordPress Image GeoTagger is a plugin, which enables clients to show search engines that they are a local company and in turn rank their website higher in the search engines than their local competitors. Finally, You Can Geotag Your Images Within WordPress!

The WP Photo Local Tagger has three main features:

Firstly, it has native WordPress Upload Settings whereby an additional feature, which enables users to geotag the image is now available on the edit screen where they add the meta info (title, caption, and description) after uploading an image.

The second feature is the bulk edit options where WordPress users can search their current WordPress image database and bulk select images and do a bulk geotag.

Thirdly, the WordPress Image GeoTagger is integrated with Google Maps whereby users can select the area they want to be geotagged without the need for a separate API. This feature enables businesses to place the marker exactly where they need it to be.

In addition, WP Picture Geo Tagging allows client businesses to have more local relevance and in turn, increase their local web traffic. The search and bulk select options help clients save time by avoiding having to geotag images one at a time. The plugin also allows clients to operate more efficiently as they are now able to directly upload images to the WordPress site and geotag them there.

More importantly, the WordPress Image GeoTagger enables clients’ websites to achieve higher local search engine rankings. Whether clients sell products or services on their websites, they will be to increase sales as geotagged images enable them to appear more for search terms used by local customers.

Blackstorm Design and Marketing is a digital agency that helps clients maximize their investment and make the most of their marketing budget by using the method of lead generation. The company’s key strength is their ability to work with clients in order to understand and identify their ideal prospects. Based on this understanding, they then build a customized lead generation strategy and targeted campaign that fills their client’s sales pipeline with opportunity.

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