ThirdChannel Launches New Mobile Application Features to Give Brands and Retailers Smarter, Faster Insights About Store Environments

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–([1])–ThirdChannel[2],
the retail intelligence platform that pairs real-time visibility into
retail store environments with an experiential network-for-hire today
revealed new features on its mobile application to make data captured
about products and store selling environments even more actionable for
brand manufacturers and retailers. The latest version of the app
features the ability for personnel in stores to record data without
internet access and includes a geotagging feature that maps data to
individual store locations.

Without precise data collection and real-time analytics, brands and
retailers are effectively blind to what’s happening in stores once
products hit the showroom floor. But, aggregating this data quickly is a
significant undertaking, and even brands and retailers that already have
a data collection system in place often struggle to ensure that insights
are accurate and accessible instantly.

To combat these challenges, the latest version of ThirdChannel’s mobile
app includes:

  • Offline usability – Due to the inconsistency of internet access
    in retail locations, field teams often think they’ve captured critical
    data into a reporting system, only to find out later that it’s been
    lost in the ether somewhere. In extreme cases, they collect data by
    hand, and enter it into platforms later, which creates a lag in
    reporting and higher rates of human error. ThirdChannel’s app allows
    field teams to report data offline (by storing data locally on their
    device), then syncs automatically when they connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Geotagging – To guarantee accurate reporting, ThirdChannel’s
    app now includes geotags for location verification, aligning data and
    images collected in the field to specific stores. Location-based data
    is also housed within the mapping feature of ThirdChannel’s app, which
    offers an overview of a brand’s store presence across regions, and can
    be analyzed to determine how weather, traffic patterns, demographics
    and other factors are impacting performance beyond individual store
  • Geolocating – With field agents constantly on the move,
    ThirdChannel’s mobile app lets them see which store is nearest to
    them, and even start their store visit by clicking a location on the
    map. The system also validates that field teams are actually at the
    correct location before allowing them to submit data about a store.

Not only do the new functions improve the precision and quality of data,
but by minimizing time spent on data collection, field teams can focus
on making important improvements to store environments, such as fixing
merchandising, restocking inventory and interacting with customers. At
the same time, brands and retailers are able to instantly access and act
on data from the field, without having to wait for reports after field
teams have already left stores.

“Consumers today are smarter than ever before, and they start scoring a
store the minute they walk through the front door,” says Gina Ashe, CEO
of ThirdChannel. “Technology like ThirdChannel puts real-time data at
their fingertips to optimize the retail floor. By increasing their
visibility into what’s happening on the ground, brands and retailers are
able to take action to ensure that the experience they deliver to
customers in brick-and-mortar retail lives up to expectations.”

For more information about the ThirdChannel platform, please visit[3].

About ThirdChannel

ThirdChannel is the platform that the world’s leading manufacturing
brands and retailers use to see what’s happening — or should be
happening — with products on the ground in thousands of stores and
generates action plans to drive higher sales. The Web-based platform
integrates real-time data from field teams on the ground with POS,
inventory, traffic and other sources of data to reveal retail execution
issues. The system guides field team efforts to optimize stores and
unlock sales potential, quantifying results with measurable ROI. Don’t
have a field team? ThirdChannel matches an exclusive, on-brand force for
brands and retailers to flex up presence in stores. The combination of
powerful cloud-based analytics with on-the-ground observations from
brand-immersed field teams delivers the full solution that retail and
brand executives need. To learn more, visit[4],
read our blog Mind
the Store
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