GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location – FREE UK Press Release Distribution

Available on Google Play Store and IOS store for mobile devices

Gujarat, Surat 15 June 2020,

Auto Stamper: Auto Photo Stamping Apps  Is excited to announce the launch of a new application that is based on Camera with the help of GPS Map camera application when you click the pictures you will have the location in your picture, so there is absolutely no way of forgetting the place of where it was clicked.[1]

Track Live location along with your captured photos by GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application. Send your Geo Location of Street / Place added photos to your Family & Friends, and let them know about your best Earth travel memories.

If we talk about the feature, the application has many things that will be helpful for all the users, with GPS Map camera stamp application, add Date time, Map, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Weather, Magnetic field, Compass to Your Camera Photos. Everything within the single picture itself.

The CEO of Auto Stamper: Auto Photo Stamping Apps company during the launch found saying “I am very excited to launch our new app. CalledGPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location ”, the app has been created by completely focusing on the public interest, with few simple steps you can use the app very smoothly and it did not have been possible without the team which was working behind it for so many days. I hope that the app will help out many”.[2]

Who Can Use It?

  • Travelers & Explorers can effectively utilize Geo-tagging camera
  •  People associated with business related to real estate, Infrastructure, Architecture can easily apply GPS Map Location stamp to their Site Photos
  • Individuals having Destination celebrations of events like Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries, etc.
  • Persons having outstation Meetings, conferences, Conclaves, Meetups, Events arranged by companies or Institutions solving and serving a particular purpose
  • Travel, Food, Fashion & Art Bloggers can advance their experiences with adding GPS Location through GPS Map Camera
  • Place Oriented businesses, where You require sending images with Live Location to Clients

The app supports on the devices having O.S version 5.0 and up, the applications will definitely make your work easier, so Save your Location of the place you visited or travel, Share Location and photos having GPS Coordinates, and keep exploring the new places with “GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location” application.

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